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Overcoming the ‘I Don’t Have Time Objection At The Phone”

by | 14 July, 2023 | Coaching | 0 comments

When facing the objection “I don’t have time” during a phone conversation, here are a few strategies you can use to overcome it:

  1. Acknowledge their concern: Show empathy and understanding by acknowledging their lack of time. Let them know you appreciate their busy schedule.
  2. Highlight the value: Explain the potential benefits or value they can gain by investing a little time in the conversation. Emphasize how your product, service, or proposition can help solve a problem, save time in the long run, or provide a valuable opportunity.
  3. Offer a time-limited option: Propose a shorter time commitment that can fit into their busy schedule. For example, suggest a quick introductory call or meeting to provide a brief overview. Assure them that their time will be respected and that the conversation will be efficient.
  4. Provide flexibility: Offer different time options or ask when they would be available. By allowing them to choose a convenient time, they may feel more in control of their schedule and be more willing to engage in the conversation.
  5. Share success stories: Share examples of other individuals or businesses that initially had similar time constraints but benefited greatly from the conversation or opportunity. Real-life success stories can help them see the potential value in making time for the conversation.
  6. Highlight urgency: If applicable, emphasize any time-sensitive aspects of the opportunity or conversation. Let them know that delaying or missing out on the discussion could have negative consequences or result in missed opportunities.
  7. Follow up with an email or resource: If they still decline due to lack of time, offer to send them an email summarizing the key points or provide additional resources they can review at their convenience. This allows them to explore the information when they have a moment and may increase their interest in continuing the conversation later.

Remember, it’s important to be respectful and understanding of their time constraints. Adapt your approach based on their responses and always focus on providing value and addressing their needs.

Im in a Meeting

If someone pretends to be in a meeting or is not taking the conversation seriously, you can respond in a professional and assertive manner. Here’s a suggestion for what to say:

“Thank you for letting me know that you’re currently in a meeting. I understand that your schedule can be busy. However, I want to ensure that we have an opportunity to discuss [the topic or purpose of the conversation] as it could be valuable for both of us. If now is not a convenient time, I would appreciate it if we could schedule a more suitable time to connect. That way, we can give our undivided attention to the matter at hand. Please let me know a time that works best for you, and we can plan accordingly.”

This response conveys that you understand their situation but also emphasizes the importance of having a meaningful conversation. By suggesting a rescheduled time, you are giving them the opportunity to commit to a more focused discussion, demonstrating your professionalism and maintaining a productive approach.

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