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Supporting employees in achieving their Goals

by | 1 October, 2023 | Business, Coaching, Leader Ship, Management | 0 comments

Supporting employees in achieving their goals


Given the significant repercussions for everyone involved in case an employee falls short of their goals, it’s crucial to strike a balance between active involvement to offer support and allowing individuals the autonomy needed for their success.

Align Employee Goals with Company Objectives

Employee engagement is more likely to thrive when individuals comprehend their contributions to the company’s overall success. It is vital for them to grasp how their endeavors directly impact the broader corporate strategy.

Set Achievable yet Ambitious Goals

Striking the right balance between achievable and challenging objectives is crucial. Setting excessively difficult goals can demoralize, while aiming too low can result in missed opportunities and mediocrity.

Develop a Roadmap for Success

After establishing a goal, encourage your employee to outline their strategy for achieving it. Request that they deconstruct the goals into manageable tasks and establish interim milestones, particularly for substantial or long-term projects.

Track Progress Continuously

Avoid waiting until deadlines to assess achievements. Instead, provide ongoing feedback and coaching while fostering open communication.

Addressing Challenges

Create an environment where your employees feel at ease approaching you when issues arise. Encourage them to propose potential solutions, and then provide guidance and advice to help resolve the situation.

Considering Personal Goals

It’s essential for managers not to overlook an employee’s personal aspirations within the context of their work.

“For instance, if your employee has shown an interest in teaching, even if it’s not within their current job description, you could explore ways to reshape their role to incorporate opportunities for them to educate peers or less experienced colleagues.”

Addressing Unmet Goals

In cases where employees do not meet their objectives, take accountability seriously by engaging in a candid discussion. Share your perspective on what may have gone awry and actively listen to theirs. Be open to exploring how your actions might have played a role in the outcome and discuss this openly as well.

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