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What did I do wrong if, after a consultation, the client said I needed to think about it?

by | 4 April, 2023 | EMS Fitness | 0 comments

If a client says “I need to think about it” after a consultation, it may mean that they are not yet ready to make a decision. It could be due to a variety of reasons, such as not fully understanding the proposal, needing more time to evaluate their options, or wanting to consult with other stakeholders before making a decision. 

As a helpful assistant, you can follow up with the client and try to identify the specific concerns they may have. Ask if there is any additional information they need, or if there are any specific areas that need clarification. You can also offer additional resources or references that may help them make an informed decision. Ultimately, it’s important to respect the client’s decision and give them the space and time they need to make a decision that is right for them.

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